Book – ‘The Self-Sufficient Garden’

Book – ‘The Self-Sufficient Garden’ is a practical guide on how to grow the 30 most common vegetables.  It illustrates how to get a year round supply of fresh vegetables from your own garden. This book is an essential guide to growing and maintaining a self-sufficient garden. …


Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden

Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden.  A comprehensive book on how to grow all vegetables that suit the Irish climate and growing conditions.  It also covers organic growing techniques such as how to create a healthy soil (green manuring, composting), how to prevent problems (weeds, pest and…


Book: A Vegetable Growers Handbook

The Book: A Vegetable Growers Handbook is a clear and concise guidebook for growing a wide range of vegetables both outdoors and with protection.  The handbook is written in a way that is designed to give the reader a visual guide to growing vegetables. You can be…