I am currently building up a selection of topics and information pages for my fellow gardening friends which I am adding to as I can (time permitting).

Here I list my topics for you to read which are added to on a regular basis so are always fresh.  Enjoy !

Klaus Laitenberger Vegetable Growers Blog:

A blog written by myself on all vegetable gardening subjects and more.

Green Vegetable Seeds Monthly Newsletter:

As it says our monthly newsletter on important news and monthly jobs in the garden.


These are popular addition to vegetable growing which can be grown all year round without purchasing special equipment.  In fact they are easily grown on your windowsill and harvested after a few weeks to provide very tasty side salads to your meals.  I have assembled a selection of Microgreen seed mixes which appeal to all tastes and instructions on how to grow these “fun” salad vegetables.

Ask Klaus:

This is a special page for you as because of my work I am asked questions on vegetable gardening on a daily basis.  So I have picked out some which I think are relevant and helpful to you all and answer them on this page.

Vegetable Pests & Diseases:

I think the healthiest and cost effective way to grow vegetables when it comes to pests & diseases is “prevention over cure”. Organic farmers know this and it works otherwise they would not be so successful.  On this page I show the best ways to prevent pests & diseases ruining all your hard work and also a few remedies to keep you on top and your vegetables safe and healthy.

Gardening & Wildlife Activities: 

What would a garden be like without nature? The birds and other wildlife make a garden and in most cases are beneficial to vegetable growing, not to mention a fantastic way to teach your children all about gardening.  This page also includes any news from Milkwood farm.

Gardening Videos:

This will be an every growing page of vegetable gardening videos.  I have made many videos with other people which I will start to list here, but more importantly I will be making more videos of my own providing interesting information for you to watch.



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