Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden



Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden.  A comprehensive book on how to grow all vegetables that suit the Irish climate and growing conditions.  It also covers organic growing techniques such as how to create a healthy soil (green manuring, composting), how to prevent problems (weeds, pest and diseases). It is has a concise month by month guide of when to do what in the garden.


Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden
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“Klaus has spent many years learning the art and craft of vegetable growing, experimenting with different plants and
techniques, and passing on his knowledge to countless students of all ages.

The last ten years have been spent in Ireland, where you could say that his teacher has been the Irish climate and Irish conditions. So he has mastered the vagaries of boggy soils, high rainfall, the most common pests and diseases, and has distilled what he has learnt into this book.

It embraces everything from lazy beds to green manuring: there’s even a section on the common mistakes beginners make.
This book will be an invaluable source of information for vegetable growers here –novices and experienced alike.”

-Joy Larkcom


Plant it grow it harvest it eat it

‘The burgeoning interest in growing your own food may be recent, but Klaus Laitenberger has more than twenty years’ experience to share. Drawing on his years working as Head Gardener at the Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim, and restoring the garden at Lissadell House, Co. Sligo, Klaus has distilled his first-hand knowledge into an essential primer on growing vegetables for food, aimed at first time and experienced gardeners, called “Vegetables For the Irish Garden”.

Although our climate is broadly similar to that in the UK, there are subtle differences that you are not likely to glean from books aimed at the UK market.   Klaus’s book is written specifically for sowing and planting, harvesting and storing vegetables in Ireland’.

– Cultivate

“Klaus Laitenberger has already written a general book on vegetable gardening and started a seed company. Now he’s produced a new book called “Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse”.  What makes it unusual, if not unique, is that it’s firmly based on hands-on experience gained in one of the more difficult parts of the country for growing things.

The approach is strictly organic, although most of the information is also relevant to gardeners who are not as purist.  It’s self-published but excellently laid out and beautifully illustrated.  And, although it’s aimed at beginners I learnt a lot from it, and I’m hardly a beginner at this stage.”

– Dick Warner – The Irish Examiner


‘I don’t very often come across a book that I would recommend because what I like might not be your cup of tea. Having said that, if you are planning to grow your own veg this year, get yourself a copy of ‘Vegetables For The Irish Garden’ by Klaus Laitenberger. It’s the sort of book that will grow old with you. Full of hints and tips for growing veg in this country, written by someone who has a genuine love of growing organically and who has learned to adapt to this climate of ours.

This book, along with his ‘Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse’ is easy to understand, and will become your best pal when you take the plunge and go organic in the veg garden this year.’

-Marie Staunton – The Irish Independent


‘After years of being out of fashion it seems that growing your own vegetables is finally in vogue in Ireland. Whatever the reason – the recession, worry about the amount of chemicals in shop bought food, or just the sheer pleasure of producing your own spuds or tomatoes – it’s a welcome development. But for those of us who are beginners, our little corner of earth can be a daunting place.

Where do you start? How do you know what to plant? What do you do if things go wrong? There are lots of publications out there offering helpful tips for novice gardeners, but the problem with most of them, is that they are produced in the UK, where important factors like temperature and rainfall are not the same as in Ireland.’

– Judy Murphy


Book: Vegetables for the Irish Garden

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