Vegetable Gardening Videos

I have worked with other people making a selection of videos for growing vegetables where they needed my expertise, but here you will find a selection of videos just from myself on subjects which I think are important and dare I say more interesting for those of you who are passionate about growing vegetables, and those of you who wish to learn this rewarding activity.  I will also include videos I have made with other people which I think you will also find of interest.

Drainage – free and easy

This is a very simple method for draining wet ground. It only works on limestone rock.  Here the limestone bedrock was about 4 ft deep and we cracked it with a crowbar (Video 1) and then the water was flowing down into underground rivers for hours until the land was dry.  This was really incredible.

World Soil Day Lectures:

Here are the first videos of the speeches from the 5th Dec 2016 at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin:  Click here

How to construct a Huegelbed 2022.

This is a comprehensive video on how to construct a Huegelbed. It’s a great method to start a new garden plot and how to tidy branches and store carbon in the soil.