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This Months Selection

Tomato (Cherry) – Datterini Sorrento

Tomato (Cherry) – Datterini Sorrento is a Sicilian variety which is characterized by its sweet, rich taste and intense aroma. The cherry tomatoes have an elongated shape, similar to dates. Datterini means “little dates” They have thicker skin than other varieties and are thus less prone to splitting…


Cabbage, Winter – January King

A very hardy, frost resistant variety with red –tinged leaves. The colder it gets the redder the leaves. Matures from November until January. Harvest as required. Sowing: April to early June Sow one seed per module about 1.5cm deep and about 4 weeks later plant out. Spacing:…


Leek – Bluegreen Winter

Leek Bluegreen Winter is a truly winter hardy leek with attractive blue green leaves. They are ready for harvesting from November until February. An improved bluegreen winter type. Sowing: February to March Sow 2 seeds per cell in modular trays and plant out 8-10 weeks after sowing…


Vegetable Seeds

Klaus Laitenberger
Klaus Laitenberger

Around 120 varieties of vegetable seeds chosen for gardeners in Ireland & the UK.

As we all know Ireland has a unique climate and it took me a few years to adjust my growing techniques to this special climate and soil.

In most parts of Ireland the growing season starts later so it is important to be patient and to delay the sowing and planting.

Our seeds are selected for ease of growing, disease resistance, reliable yield and taste.

Now after years of trials I now offer to you fellow gardeners my tried and tested vegetable seeds online which have passed my crucial seeds tests which are:

1. Ease of growing
2. Disease Resistance
3. Crop Productivity
4. Performance In All Climate Conditions
5. Taste

I know you will be completelysatisfied with my seed selections.

Vegetable Gardening Books by Klaus Laitenberger

Klaus Laitenberger is the author of three vegetable gardening books. He was the Head Gardener at the Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim and restored the gardens of Lissadell House in Co. Sligo. He is a regular contributor to the Irish Garden magazine.

Klaus also works as a gardening consultant and gives lectures and talks nationwide on growing food.  His books have attained excellent reviews from other horticulturists and top gardening newspaper & magazine writers and other gardeners alike.