Thyme – Common



Thyme – Common is surprisingly easy to grow from seed and it tends to produce much healthier and stronger plants compared to plants raised from cuttings. Thyme – Common is a wonderfully aromatic herb – ideal for the kitchen as well as an edging plant for your beds. There are so many different types of thyme with different leaf colours and tastes.


March – August (3 seeds per cell)


30cm x 30cm

Types of Thyme:

There are many different types of thyme apart from the Common Thyme.  These include lemon or orange thyme as well as more unusual types with variegated leaves.  Dozens of different varieties can be found at specialist herb nurseries.  All of the special varieties cannot be grown from seed as they won’t come true to type.  A great herb nursery in Ireland is in Cork – Peppermint Farm.

Herbal Tea Recipe:

Lemon thyme is a wonderful ingredient for any herbal tea mix.  I add fennel, lemon balm, oregano, lemon verbena and Moroccan mint.  Simply harvest a handful of a mixture of these leaves and squash them to release the essential oils.  Pour boiling water over it and let it stew for about 5 minutes and it is delicious.

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