Chicory/Endive Mix



This mix contains the following amazing Italian varieties: Chicory ‘Italiko Rosso’, Endive ‘Romaesco da Taglia’ and Chicory ‘Barbe de Capuchin’. See individual descriptions below.


Sow small amounts every 2 weeks from early May until August. Sow 1 or 2 seeds per cell in modular trays (1cm deep) and plant out 4 to 5 weeks after sowing.


Between rows: 35cm

Between plants in the row: 35cm

Average seed count: 100 seeds

Chicory – ‘Italiko Rosso’

Very popular Italian salad type. It looks like a red-stemmed dandelion but it is a true chicory. The leaves are deeply lobed with red veins and red stem. The flavour is milder than dandelion but still has a delicious bitter taste. Can be used for salads and cooking.

Endive – ‘Romanesco da Taglia’

This variety has thin, upright leaves with jagged edges. These are best sown in late summer and are fairly hardy.

Chicory – ‘Barbe de Capuchin’

Barbe de Carpucin has large, dark green leaves which are serrated (The Italian “Barbe” means “bearded”). This variety is often used for forcing. Dig out roots in Oct/Nov and blanch. If eaten green – too bitter.