Celeriac – Giant Prague



Celeriac – Giant Prague is an excellent variety that produces large roots with an excellent flavour.


Celeriac isn’t the easiest vegetable to grow from seed.  In late March to mid April, sprinkle the small seeds thinly onto a filled 9cm pot containing fine seed compost and place on a propagator.  About 3 to 4 weeks afterwards prick out the seedlings into individual cells of a modular tray.  Plant out in mid-late May.


35cm x 35cm each way.

Approx. seed count: 150


Growing Celeriac – Giant Prague

Celeriac is a great autumn/winter vegetable.  It requires a long growing season, a fertile soil and plenty of moisture.


Broadcast the tiny seeds of Celeriac – Giant Prague into a standard seed tray and do not to cover the seeds as they require light to germinate. The pots or trays should be placed on a heating bench or on a warm south-facing windowsill.  The seedlings can be pricked out individually into modular trays when they are 3cm tall.  The seeds will only last for one year.

  1. Late February to late March for planting indoors
  2. Mid March to early April for planting outdoors
Spacing Celeriac – Giant Prague

Between plants: 35cm

Between rows: 35cm

Plant care

Keep the plants well watered at all times.  It is also very beneficial to give the plants an application of chicken manure pellets in summer.  Also remove the lower leaves as they start to turn yellow


Harvest the roots from October onwards.  Store in a cool frost free shed in boxes of sand or soil.  The roots should keep for many months

Potential problems

Celery leaf miner

Slugs and snails

How much to grow?

About 20 -25 plants (1 square metre)


Giant Prague



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