Squash, Summer – Patty Pan



Squash, Summer – Patty Pan is a summer squash with a very distinct round, scalloped shape resembling a UFO. It can be harvested regularly throughout the summer months.


Mid April – late May


Late May/June

Approx. seed count: 5

Squash, Summer – Patty Pan

Latin name:

Cucurbita pepo



Squash, Summer – Patty Pan produces delicious UFO-shaped squash that can be harvested regularly throughout the summer months.

Soil and site

Squash plants need a fertile, free-draining soil which can hold plenty of moisture.  Therefore, a generous application of well-decomposed compost is beneficial (about 1 bucket per square metre).

Also they need to be positioned in full sun in the tunnel or greenhouse.

Sowing Squash, Summer – Patty Pan

In late April/early May sow individual seeds into 7cm pots.  Ideally, the pots are left in a propagator in the greenhouse (20ºC) or on a south-facing windowsill at home.  The plants usually germinate within a week and then start growing quickly.  Around four to five weeks after sowing they tend to be ready for planting .


Squash plants will become very large so do not underestimate the space they require.  The ideal planting distance is 1m each way.

Plant care

Apart from regular harvesting and keeping the weeds down there is very little else to do. However, if you notice that your plants look a bit stunted you can sprinkle some organic poultry pellets around the plots.

Also it is beneficial to cut off the lower leaves of the plants as soon as they discolour.

Harvesting Squash, Summer – Patty Pan

Harvest regularly from August to October

Potential problems

There are very few problems with squash plants.  Although the main problem occurs if there is a frosty night after you planted them into the tunnel and greenhouse.  Whereby, even a light touch of frost will wipe them out.  So be prepared and cover the plants with a double layer of fleece during cold spells.

At the end of the season plants may get attacked by powdery mildew.  There is no cure for it but it does not kill the plant.  Grey mould is a more serious disease at it can kill the plants.

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