Radish, Winter – Black Spanish Round



Radish, Winter – Black Spanish Round is a large, black-skinned round winter radish with a spicy flavour. Black Spanish Round radishes are excellent in salads and can also be used in stir-fries. Winter radishes store well throughout the winter in layers of sand.

Seeds can be sown directly into the ground. They should be sown 10cm apart in rows 25cm apart and about 1.5cm deep. Radish seeds are quite big so they can easily be spaced out accurately. Remove every second plant about a month after sowing and use as baby radish while leaving the remainder as winter radish.


Mid June – August


Between plants: 20cm

Between rows: 25cm

Approx. seed count: 150sds

Winter radishes are very rarely grown in Ireland. My favourite variety is the ‘Black Spanish Round’, because of memories of my grandmother Frida’s recipe for chesty colds. It really works wonders.


Take a large Black Round Radish and cut it in half. Cut out a section of the radish and pierce a hole through the bottom with a knitting needle. Fill the hole with chrystallised brown sugar and place the radish over a glass. After a day or two the sugar starts to dissolve and a syrup flows into the glass. If you keep drinking this syrup every morning and evening the chesty cold will be gone within a couple of days.