Nasturtium – Alaska Mix



Nasturtium – Alaska Mix produces hundreds of the most delicious edible flowers.  This mix has deep red and yellow shades.  The plants also have very attractive variegated leaves which are also delicious in a salad.  The combination of the shades of bright flowers and the variegated cream and light green foliage is most appealing in a garden.


April – June


30cm x 30cm

Approx. seed count: 30

Growing Nasturtiums

Latin name:

Tropaeolum majus

The Latin name Tropaeolum comes from tropaeum which means trophy.

How to grow nasturtiums?

Nasturtium – Alaska Mix are one of the easiest plants to grow.  They are frost sensitive annuals.  Therefore, they should only be planted out when there is no longer a danger of frost.  Nasturtiums as well as the mashua (tuberous nasturtium) originate in South America.  The Incas also used the leaves and flowers as a medicinal herb.

Nasturtium – Alaska Mix has a compact growth habit.  It is also suited for growing in pots.  Furthermore, if the seeds are left to ripen, they will start to grow again in the following year.  So you’ll only need to sow them once in your life!

Pests and Diseases:

Nasturtiums grow very healthy and with very few pests and diseases.  In some years, however, the cabbage white butterfly larvae may also attack nasturtium leaves

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