Kale – Red and Green Palm



Kale – Red and Green Palm is a giant kale, easily growing to a height of 1.8m. It’s an ancient North German variety which is grown as an animal feed during the summer – you simply harvest the lower leaves and feed them to chickens, rabbits, sheep or horses and then later in the year from October throughout the winter the leaves can be used for human consumption. It just keeps on growing. This type has nearly become extinct. We planted a lot of them in the large chicken run in Kilkenny – obviously before the chickens arrived. But once the plants are 3 feet tall you could let the chickens in. In the second year the plants started to flower and we saved the seeds around July. There will be a mix of a red and green type in each packet.

These plants are definitely a show stopper in any garden. You will need good space though with a spacing of 60cm each way. I hope you enjoy them.


Late March to early May

Sow 1 seed per module and keep in a warm place. Pot on into 7cm pots about 4 weeks after sowing. Plant outdoors 3 to 4 weeks after potting on. Feed generously with compost or composted manure.


Between rows: 60cm

Between plants in the row: 60cm

Approx. seed count: 50