Green Manure – Buckwheat



Green manure – Buckwheat is a fast-growing short-term summer green manure that germinates in about 4-5 days. It produces a dense canopy of foliage that smothers & out-competes weeds and once dug into the top layer of soil (15-18cm) rapidly decomposes helping to improve the soils structure and organic matter content.


May – August


5g per square metre

Approx. seed count: 40g


Green manure – buckwheat

Definition of a green manure

The definition of a green manure is a crop that is grown to be incorporated back into the soil to improve the soil fertility.  There are two groups – nitrogen fixing green manures such as clover or vetch which fix atmospheric nitrogen or non-leguminous green manures such as buckwheat, phacelia, ryegrass etc.  These are grown in summer or early winter and give a quick soil cover and thus hold on to available nutrients which would otherwise wash away.

Incorporating Green manure – buckwheat

The best time to incorporate buckwheat is just before flowering.  Simply hoe or strim the foliage and let it wilt for a couple of days before digging it into the ground.  In late autumn though you can leave the foliage on the ground as a mulch.

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