Course: Online Gardening Course – Part 1



Course: Online Gardening Course – Part 1

A vegetable gardening course for beginners and more advanced gardeners alike.

These videos were filmed in 2022 at the Community Gardens with Klaus Laitenberger and Assumpta Butler.  Each video is about 45 minutes to an hour long.


12 sessions (min. 45 minutes each) from January to late April 2022


This is a very practical course and is aimed at complete beginners and more advanced gardeners alike.

It will bring gardeners through the early part of the growing season and covers everything from sowing to planting, weed control, pest and disease prevention, rotation planning, composting and soil fertility.


Online Gardening Course Dates:

Part 1:

Here are the dates and some sample videos are available to view by clicking at the links:

Day 1:                 8th January 2022

Click below to watch a sample video:

Day 2:                 17th January 2022


Day 3:                24th January 2022


Day 4:             8th February 2022


Day 5:             14th February 2022

Day 6:             21st February 2022


Day 7:             7th March 2022


Q&A Session:

Day 8:             14th March 2022


Day 9:             21st March 2022


Day 10:           4th April 2022


Day 11:            11th April 2022


Day 12:           22nd April 2022


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