Corn Salad – Vit



Corn Salad – Vit is a fantastic variety which produces dark green relatively upright leaves. Corn salad is also known as lamb’s lettuce.  The small leaves have a wonderful nutty flavour and the plants are completely winter hardy and undemanding.


Sow directly outside in a well prepared seed bed in shallow drills (1.5cm deep).  The best time to sow is in August/ September


Between rows: 15cm

Thin to 5cm between plants.

Approx. seed count: 200


Growing Corn Salad – Vit

Corn salad is a typical German winter salad.  It survives temperatures of up to minus 10 degrees Celsius.  I remember at my apprenticeship with Michael Newton in Murieston, Scotland over 30 years ago, squatting down to harvest a 100m long bed of corn salad in freezing temperatures.  We harvested boxes full and the plants were thawed and washed in a large basin with cold water.  This shows the hardiness of this crops and how it retains its beautiful nutty flavour.  In Germany and France there are dozens of different varieties available.


Corn Salad – Vit is best sown directly into the soil about 1cm deep.  Alternatively you can also sow the seeds in modular trays and plant out 4 weeks later.


  1. Late August to mid September for outdoor production
  2. September to October for indoor production



Between plants: 5cm

Between rows: 15cm


Plant care

Keep weed free and water if required.



The whole plant can be harvested when about 10-15cm in diameter. You can also pick individual leaves if you prefer.


Potential problems

Apart from slugs and snails there are no pests that affect corn salad.  Mildew, however, can be a serious problem especially indoors.


How much to grow?

Two square metres of corn salad (sown at intervals) will provide you with healthy greens for many winter salads.



Corn Salad – Vit

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