Onion sets, garlic and shallots in stock




We just received our onion sets both red and brown and shallots.  Unfortunately the garlic was all sprouted when it arrived so we won’t have any for sale this spring.

The brown onion sets are a Sturon type (Variety: Stur BC20) – a much improved strain of Sturon.  It’s a very reliable variety which produces golden bulbs with excellent flavour and great storage ability.

The red type is the traditional Red Baron Onion.  These are heat treated to reduce the risk of bolting.  Another tip for reducing bolting is to plant the sets quite late.  From mid April until late April is probably the best time for red onions.  (Note: red onions are generally more prone to bolting than the normal ones.

The shallot variety is Yellow Moon – a very early maturing, yellow and round variety.  It has excellent storing ability and good resistance to bolting.  Remember to give the sets plenty of space as each bulb with split up and produce around six separate bulbs.  So the spacing is 30cm between bulbs.