Oca Storage

Q:  Oca Storage

I recently received Oca tubers from you. I see that they do not need to be planted until April. How should I store them until they are ready to be planted?

Which way up do you plant them?  I notice that there is a fat end a thinner end.  The thinner end has a little ‘tail’ hanging from it.  I planted this downwards, but not sure if that is correct!


The tubers are best stored in compost or soil.  You could plant each tuber in a separate pots and put the pot in a cool place to slow them down.  Once the shoots emerge you need to put the pots into a greenhouse or tunnel.  Alternatively put all tubers into one pot with damp compost/soil and once you see them growing pot them into individual pots.

On planting It makes no difference.  They will grow any way.  I tend to plant them on their sides.