Frost Damage On Potatoes

Q: Frost damage on potatoes
I have sown your mixed salad which has grown extremely well and is delicious. Have also planted tomatoes and am now ready to plant your beetroots.
During the last frost my potatoes which were 4 to 6 inches high were absolutely hammered.
I have just removed the damaged leaves and some of the stalks that looked all glassy and see through (yellowish in colour)  — waiting to what happens.
I was in two minds as to whether to pull up and plant new ones or just plant in between and get a smaller crop of potatoes.
Dear Richard,
I put you on the mailing list for next month.  What a shame about your potatoes.  They will come back again though.  There is no need to plant new ones or to plant in between.  They are just going to be later.  New shoots should appear within a couple of weeks.
In relation to tunnel plastic there is a big difference.  A good source is Gillespie’s Polytunnels in Donegal.  There really is a big difference in the quality of plastic. The one we received last year is covered with hundreds of little holes. The worst I’ve ever seen. So only buy from a reputable source.
Best wishes,