Using Fresh Seaweed

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Hi Klaus,
I have my allotment in Skerries and can get good fresh seaweed.  Should I dig it into the soil in my polytunnel or put it on top of it. By digging it in now I feel it will rot down quicker and by leaving it on top I feel it will go hard and not break down.

Your advice would be very welcome.

Kind Regards,



Hi Norman,

Sorry for the delay in replying.  I think you have two options.  I usually cover the beds in autumn with a thick layer of seaweed and then remove the seaweed in spring and use it to mulch the fruit trees.  I don’t dig it in in spring because it’s too difficult to incorporate it properly and the tough undecomposed bits will prevent a good seed bed preparation.

The second option which you suggest will also work well and I have seen it being used on Aranmore Island in Co. Donegal.  You dig a trench and fill it with seaweed and then cover this up with the soil.  That way you won’t lose anything – as you said.

Seaweed is one of the best fertilisers and it’s free.  It contains a whole range of important plant nutrients as well as trace elements.

Good luck with it.

Best wishes,


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