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This page lists all of our viewable webpages and makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Home Page:

About Us:    A brief history about Green Vegetable Seeds.

Seed Shop:  Seed list  in alphabetical order.

Microgreens:  Growing microgreen salads.

Videos:  A collection of informative videos from Klaus Laitenberger and friends.

Ask Klaus:   Klaus answers all your vegetable growing questions.

Courses & Events:   Vegetable growing courses run by Klaus at his home place Milkwood Farm.

Other training courses:    Klaus teaches at other training courses and at other peoples events throughout Ireland.

Vegetable Pests & Diseases:   Klaus explains about the pests & diseases which attack your growing vegetables and how to prevent them.

Books:  An explanation and a chance to purchase 3 great best selling vegetable gardening books written by the man himself.

Book Stockists:    A list of the book shops who sell  these 3 best selling vegetable gardening books.

Smartphone App:    You can download Green Vegetable Seeds App here and the proceeds go to charity.

Blog:   Read a blog by a respected gardener who knows what he is talking about.

Newsletter:    If you missed out on any of our newsletters then here’s a chance to read all of them since we started this website.

Contact:    Obviously this is where you find our contact details.

Links:      Our links page to other websites we like.


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