Squash, summer – Tromboncino Albenga



Squash, summer – Tromboncino Albenga is a summer squash which is a very different type.  It has with long, curved, bell-ended fruit up to 1 metre in length and is best harvested when about 30cm long.  Tromboncino Albenga has a vigorous trailing or climbing habit.


Mid April – late May.


Late May/June.


The fruit colour of the summer squash Tromboncino Albenga is pale green, fading to beige upon maturity.  This squash is originally from Italy (Liguria) where it remains popular there and abroad.

Grow it up a trellis  so the fruits push through the gaps and  make an interesting and ornamental display.  Importantly this summer squash also tastes sweeter than most others.

Squash, summer – Tromboncino Albenga is cooked in a variety of ways either  roasted, grilled, fried or alternatively added raw to salads and stir fries. The taste is sweet, mild and nutty and with a delicious hint of artichoke flavour.  Above all, it is a wonderful addition to any dish.  The longer fruits are ideal for spiralising and will make wonderfully healthy “spaghetti.”  Similarly as with courgettes, the flowers are also edible.


Squashes are one of the most vigorous vegetables and some varieties can easily cover an area of 5 square metres and are rambling over any neighbouring crop.

Approx. seed count: 7


The name ‘Squash’ is an abbreviation of the native American word askutashash which means ‘eaten raw or uncooked’.

Soil and site:

Squashes need a very fertile and free-draining soil.  In addition, the soil needs to be able to hold plenty of moisture.  However, a generous application of well-decomposed compost is essential.  Grow the plants  in a sheltered place in the garden.

Plant care:

Weed regularly in the early stages of plant growth.

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