Spinach – Tree Spinach



Spinach – Tree Spinach is an amazing plant that grows up to 2m.  The leaves have a red tinge.  Most unusual and attractive.  You may grow it more as a curiosity than as a vegetable.


Late March- May.

Sow 1 seed per module and plant out about 4-5 weeks after sowing.


Between rows: 45cm

Between plants in the row: 45cm

Approx. seed count: 50

Growing Tree Spinach:

Chenopodium giganteum:  Tree Spinach has been grown in Mexico for hundreds of years and it originally comes from India.

This variety is a fast growing architectural curiosity. Such a beautiful plant to have in the garden or greenhouse. Vivid pink tinged triangular bright green leaves with each new set of leaves blushed a deep magenta. You can eat the shoot tips of the plant although I grow it mainly for its beauty.

You can harvest it the same way as you would with cut-and-come-again baby salad leaves, snip away the shoots once they get to around 20cm (8in) high, leaving the lowest few centimetres to grow on. It can be eaten very young raw in salads and is a good spinach substitute.

This is a wonderful plant to have in your garden if you like colour, the growing tip is a stunning bright pink, and as the leaves grow they turn to green. It is part of the spinach family and it goes quite large. Tree Spinach can be used like normal spinach, young leaves can be eaten raw and added to salads or cooked, and older leaves can be cooked.

Plant in well drained soil in a sunny but sheltered spot. Keep well watered until established and in dry weather. In the right conditions Tree Spinach can grow very quickly and reach up to 200cm tall, flower heads must be removed otherwise you will have them growing everywhere. It will die back over winter but will re-grow again in spring.

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