Pumpkin, Naked – Gleisdorfer Oelkuerbis



Pumpkin, Naked – Gleisdorfer Oelkuerbis  is grown for its delicious seeds which are shell-less (without seed coat).

The seeds are edible, straight from the pumpkin or can be dried. The fruits weigh up to 5kg and the seeds are ready in October when the fruit turns from green to orange. Each fruit produces up to 250g of edible seeds. The flesh can also be used for cooking.

Please note that these seeds are treated with a copper treatment so please handle with care.


Mid April until late May

Sow individual seeds into small pots (7cm) or large modules and keep in a warm place. Pot on into a 10cm pot when ready. Plant out in late May – June after hardening off. Initial protection with a cloche is beneficial.

Approx. seed count: 10

About Naked Pumpkins:

I had often wondered how pumpkin seeds are prepared – they are available in every health food shop and supermarket and I couldn’t figure out how they could be cracked open.

So – in Styria in Southern Austria – a chance mutation over 100 years ago produced shell-less seeds. They have grown them ever since to make pumpkin seed oil and for its edible seeds for baking and snacks. The variety is called Gleisdorfer Pumpkin. They are easy to grow, just like any other squash or pumpkin. In Styria they also produce a famous pumpkin seed oil from this variety.