Kaibroc F1 - 1.80

Kaibroc F1 is a new development in broccoli.  It is a unique and delicious vegetable which has been brought about by crossing Broccoli with Kailan.  This produces a crunchy vegetable with slender, long shoots which are sweet tasting.
Grown for it’s delicious crunchy and slender stems with small edible florets.

Sowing: Early April – late June.

Planting: 4 weeks later.

Harvesting: Remove central head and harvest side shoots regularly.

Approx. seed count: 20

A delicious new vegetable brought about by crossing Broccoli with Kailan which produces long, slender, sweet shoots with an edible floret. Cut out the terminal head when about the size of a 50 cent coin after approx 50-65 days. Plants will start primary shoots a few weeks later. Secondary shoots or florets are multiple harvested when approximately 20cms long for approximately 2-4 weeks. Up to 7 harvests can be obtained. Keep feeding plants throughout this period to prolong shooting.

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