Kaibroc F1



Kaibroc F1 is a unique and delicious vegetable.  It’s  a cross between Broccoli and Kailan.  It has slender, long shoots with small broccoli-like florets. .  The florets are delicious and crunchy.  It’s a wonderful novelty crop which is becoming increasingly trendy.


Sow seeds from early April until late June or earlier or later if a polytunnel or greenhouse is available.


Plant out about 4 weeks after sowing, after that very little maintenance is required.


Harvest regularly because otherwise the flower buds will quickly open into yellow flowers if they are left unharvested. After that harvesting is easy – simply remove the central head and later on harvest the side shoots regularly.

Approx. seed count: 20

Plant care:

Kaibroc grows easily.  However, it requires good growing conditions otherwise the plants may bolt. Therefore you need to keep the plants well watered at all times.

Potential problems:

Like all brassicas, kaibroc may suffer from the usual brassica pests and diseases. Fleabeetles are a particular problem especially in spring and summer. If you insist on growing kaibroc early in the year you will have to cover the plants with fleece straight after planting.  This will prevent a fleabeetle attack.

About Kaibroc:

Kaibroc is a delicious new vegetable which was developed by crossing Broccoli with Kailan.  Above all, it produces long, slender, sweet shoots with an edible floret. Harvest kaibroc when the terminal head is about the size of a 50 cent coin.   This happens about two months after sowing.

The plants will start primary shoots a few weeks later and secondary shoots or florets are multiple harvested when approximately 20cms long every 2-4 weeks. You can expect up to 7 harvests can be obtained. In conclusion, kaibroc is a delicious novelty crop well worth a try.

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