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We are offering a special Gift Promotion for 2022.  All 3 books (Vegetables for the Irish Garden, Fruit and Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse and The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook) €34.95.  Also included is a free packet of seeds. Usual price for the 3 books is €45.
Gift Promotion

‘Vegetables for the Irish Garden’

“Klaus has spent many years learning the art and craft of vegetable growing, experimenting with different plants and techniques, and passing on his knowledge to countless students of all ages. The last ten years have been spent in Ireland, where you could say that his teacher has been the Irish climate and Irish conditions.

So he has mastered the vagaries of boggy soils, high rainfall, the most common pests and diseases, and has distilled what he has learnt into this book.

It embraces everything from lazy beds to green manuring: there’s even a section on the common mistakes beginners make. This book will be an invaluable source of information for vegetable growers, novices and experienced alike.”   Joy Larkcom

‘Fruit & Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse’

This book is for anyone who wants to grow a wide range of vegetables and fruit in a polytunnel or unheated greenhouse.

It provides comprehensive growing instructions for a wide range of crops.  It is suitable for the keen grower as well as for the complete beginner.  It’s easy to read and packed full with valuable information and illustrations.

‘The Vegetable Growers Handbook’

A very handy guide to bring out into the garden.  At a quick glance you can find the information you need.  Packed with diagrams and illustrations to help you grow your own food.

When we grow our own food we know exactly what has gone into growing it. Many people worry about pesticide residues in food. Science can prove that these pesticide residues in food are completely harmless because they are below a certain threshold.  But many people simply prefer to eat food that has grown naturally.  Food grown without any artificial inputs and ideally grown by themselves.

Personally I am a committed organic gardener.  I’ve never used artificial fertilisers or synthetic pesticides and I think there is no need for it. Nature itself takes care of it. As an old gardening friend told me once: ‘Plants just want to grow’.

Gift Promotion

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