Aubergine – Leonidia - 1.80

Aubergine Leonidia is a real gem – even people who don’t love aubergines will love this vegetable. Produces long lilac fruits with white stripes and very tender, bitter-free flesh. It is so special and unique to this area in Greece that it has been awarded a Protected Designation of Origin status. This means that only in this area the vegetable can be sold as “Tsakonian Eggplant”. This is quite similar to the Jersey Royal potato which can only be sold as Jersey Royal if grown on the Jersey island, otherwise the same potato is sold as Intermediate Kidney. It’s the first year I’m trying out this new aubergine, but I was so overwhelmed by it that we make it available immediately and let gardeners try it out and hopefully give us some feedback.

Sowing:  February to late March

Sow 5 seeds into a small pot (7cm) and keep in a warm place.  Pot on into individual 7cm pots when ready.  Plant into greenhouse or polytunnel.

Spacing:  Between rows: 50cm

Between plants in the row: 50cm

Approx. seed count: 10

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