Oca Recipes – Bernadette O’Shea

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Oca Recipes – Bernadette O’Shea

Oca Recipes I recently gave some oca tubers to a good friend and wonderful chef – Bernadette O’Shea.  As you can read below she was most impressed about this old/new crop and gave me some culinary suggestions.  Don’t forget – the potato was once a new crop in Ireland and it came from the same … more information

Oca Growing Instructions

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Oca (Oxalis tuberosa) Even if you don’t fancy eating this delicious vegetable it deserves a good place in your ornamental garden as a beautiful curiosity. It resembles the native wood sorrel (also an Oxalis) and develops lovely yellow flowers in late autumn.  Oca is an amazing crop, but unfortunately it still remainsvirtually unknown outside of … more information

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