Agricultural Tours in Peru

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Peru Experience During my Nuffield Travels in Peru I was so lucky to have met Douglas and Marivel Walsh from Cusichaca Trust in Peru and Juan Guillen – a wonderful and knowledgeable Peruvian agronomist.  I spent a few days with them exploring the highlands of Peru looking at ancient agricultural systems and techniques as well … more information

Nuffield Blog

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I’m so proud to have been selected as one of the 2018 Ireland Nuffield Scholars.  This trip will lead me through many countries with a diverse group of people and on my own to discover new or neglected food crops from around the world, but especially from South America.  I’m planning to keep his post … more information

June Gardening Newsletter

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Dear Fellow Gardeners, It’s happening all over again all over the country.  The green fields of Ireland are turning brown again.  I thought we learned after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Glyphosate (the active ingredient of RoundUp) as a possibly carcinogenic and many other independent studies showed harmful side effects of glyphosate on both … more information

Seed potatoes now in stock – Variety Information

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Seed potatoes now in stock This year we have some amazing and unique varieties available.  They are all of excellent quality and the tubers are certified disease free. Seed potatoes Variety Information First earlies:  Plant in tunnel in February and harvest in late May/June Plant outdoors in mid March and harvest July  Salad Blue PotatoeSpacing: … more information

Oca Recipes – Bernadette O’Shea

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Oca Recipes – Bernadette O’Shea

Oca Recipes I recently gave some oca tubers to a good friend and wonderful chef – Bernadette O’Shea.  As you can read below she was most impressed about this old/new crop and gave me some culinary suggestions.  Don’t forget – the potato was once a new crop in Ireland and it came from the same … more information

Gardening Weekend in Renvyle House Hotel, 5th – 7th May

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Gardening Weekend in Renvyle House Hotel, 5th -7th May 2017 A gardening weekend with Klaus Laitenberger, Organic Gardening Expert and Author, Anja Gohlke, Head Gardner at Kylemore Abbey and Sile Nic Chonaonaigh (Presenter of Garrai Glas).. The weekend programme will include an introductory Evening; several demonstrations and workshops; A visit to Kylemore Abbey Victorian Walled … more information

Common Gardening Mistake – sowing and planting too early in the year

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The most common gardening mistake – sowing or planting too early in the year This is the most common mistake we all made or still make.  With the exception of a few vegetables the majority should only be sown/planted from April or May onwards.  Sowing too early often means poor or no germination (each crop … more information

Introduction to Vegetable Grower’s Handbook

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Introduction to Vegetable Grower’s Handbook Growing our own food is certainly one of the most beneficial pastimes in our lives.  We grow food in our garden, harvest it and eat it minutes later.  Grown with our own hands, prepared and cooked lovingly – what more could we wish for?  We all know about the health … more information

Concise Guide to Protected Cropping

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Concise Guide to Protected Cropping The attached PDF will give you a great overview on when to sow and plant all types of vegetables in your polytunnel or greenhouse. Download our Guide to Protected Cropping

Guide to Vegetable Growing in Ireland

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Download our Concise Guide to Growing Vegetables in Ireland  

Planning your vegetable garden

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Planning your vegetable garden                                                                                              Now is the time to finally get out of the rain and start planning for the new season.  The enthusiasm for gardening must have waned by now for even the most committed gardener.  I used to worry about it a lot.  What if I don’t like gardening anymore?  What else could … more information

World Soil Day

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World Soil Day The People 4 Soil Campaign was launched on the 5th December at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin.  It was an amazing event with a wonderful range of speakers.  All lectures were filmed and will be made available.  The first videos by Michael Ewing, Felicity Gaffney and myself can be seen when clicking on … more information

Kinsale Permaculture College

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Kinsale Permaculture College This week I gave a two-day course to students at the Kinsale Permaculture College.  Kinsale is definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Ireland and on top of this – I was told – it never rains in Kinsale.   The college has excellent facilities to teach both Permaculture (Fetac Level … more information

The Importance of Soils

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Soils With gardening, everything starts with the soil.  To me there is no such thing as a green fingered gardener – only brown fingered ones.  The better your soil is, the better your crops will be.  If you manage to create a fertile, healthy and living soil you are already half way there to growing … more information

Twelve dangerous fruits and vegetables

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Twelve dangerous fruits and vegetables Some scientists try to tell us that buying organic fruit and vegetables is a simple waste of money. One leading scientist (Prof. Gibney -UCD) even tells people that they may better flush their money down the drain rather than buying organic produce. He says that there is no scientific evidence that … more information

Inspirational Organic Growers

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  13/2/2015 I went with the MSc Organic Horticulture students on a field trip last Wednesday, visiting two separate organic holdings.  I was blown away by the sheer enthusiasm, skills and generosity of time they gave to us.  The first holding was run by Rory Magorrian in Ballyhooley, Co. Cork.  He trained with Jim Cronin … more information

Onion sets, garlic and shallots in stock

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    13/2/2015 We just received our onion sets both red and brown and shallots.  Unfortunately the garlic was all sprouted when it arrived so we won’t have any for sale this spring. The brown onion sets are a Sturon type (Variety: Stur BC20) – a much improved strain of Sturon.  It’s a very reliable … more information

On a philosophical note: The Story of Adam and Eve (or half of it)

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  9/2/2015 It’s interesting to note that soil degradation and environmental problems are far more wide spread in countries with a predominantly Christian theology. The excuse to exploit the earth stems from the Creation Story in Genesis 1. Have a look at the bible again and you’ll find: Genesis 1: God blessed them (Adam and … more information

Planting Vegetable Seeds In February

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  3/2/2015 In February we can finally start again in our vegetable garden.  There are three crops that can be sown or planted directly outdoors.  They don’t mind the cold but the may mind the wet soil.  An easy and simple wetness test is to see if the soil sticks to your boots or tools.  … more information