Gardening and Wildlife Projects for Schools

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The aim of this project is to encourage school children to experience and learn from nature.  A garden is often the best classroom where real discoveries can be made.   It’s full of outdoor projects that can be replicated at home or in schools.  It’s free to download for anyone who tries to encourage children … more information

Home Made Cloches

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Bionet Cloche There is one thing that has completely revolutionised and substantially improved my gardening susses in the last couple of years and that is the use of my home made cloches which are covered with bionet or enviromesh instead of clear plastic.  The problem with cloches in Ireland is that they usually blow away … more information

Reflecting on the last year

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Reflecting on last year It’s a good time to reflect on current gardening year and to make plans for next year.  The more we plan, the easier it will be.  Hopefully you remember which varieties did well in your garden and stick to them and if not try some different ones.  There is quite a … more information

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