Useful websites

Below is a list of useful links to other websites:

The Centre for Organic Horticulture Research (COHR) is based at University College Cork and runs the highly successful MSc Organic Horticulture. The COHR team members are actively involved in teaching and research in the area of organic and sustainable crop production.

This is Mark Diacono’s website.  He was the Head Gardener at River Cottage and now runs his own edible farm – Otter Farm.  His blogs are both entertaining as well as informative.  He also sells a wonderful range of unusual plants (vegetables, herbs, fruit and nuts).  He’ll be back in Ireland in September for the GIY Gathering.  He is a font of knowledge.

Nicky Kyle is one of the most experienced gardeners in Ireland.  She writes a wonderful monthly newsletter.  What I like about her is that she is passionate about trialling and experimenting with different varieties and crops.  She is the ultimate tomato expert.

A wonderful and inspiring website.  All you need to know about herbs and wild plants can be found.

The Community Garden Network is an independent organisation that aims to connect community gardens in Ireland and Northern Ireland, providing support, promotion, sharing resources and learning as well as exchanging ideas. For more information see

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